Indoor Paddle Yoga and Paddle Fit

   Indoor Paddle Yoga and Paddle Fit

Doing Yoga and fit on a paddleboard at an indoor pool?! That’s something new! and we do it!



The paddleboards are anchored in the pool to secure your spot. Each hour session starts with stable poses to warm up the body and discover balance. You build on that foundation as the class and weeks progress. Along with the yoga we incorporate some fit into the class that consists of push-ups, squats, core stability exercises and much more while balancing on a paddleboard. Improve your balance, tone your muscles, strengthen your core and challenge yourself! 

Indoor Paddle  Yoga and Paddle Fit is offered from October 1st through March 31st, at the WISC ( Warhill Indoor Sports Complex)and the 

                                             $25.00 drop in or 4 class pack for $79.00

                                 ( you can use for both Paddle yoga and Paddle Fit classes)

Private Paddle Yoga Classes are available by appointment only –



call Lori at 757-254-8492