Paddleboard Lessons


Standup Paddleboarding Lesson

Why a Lesson?

Like anything, there is a wrong way and a right way to paddle board. We eliminate all the guesswork, and share our expertise with each of our customers. It is easy to develop bad habits without proper instruction. Our goal is to educate each paddler with our knowledge and expertise so that you will be paddle boarding with confidence.


What to expect during a lesson:

· We start with the basics — an explanation of the different parts of the board and their functions

· Safety briefing

· How to properly kneel and stand up on the board (SUP)

· The correct way to hold your paddle, and at least two different ways to efficiently turn and maneuver your board

· Multiple stroke techniques to focus on different muscle groups and maintain efficiency

· How to anticipate, react and handle choppy conditions, and how to use the wind and currents to your advantage

It’s important to cover each aspect because improper technique may hinder fitness benefits and overall enjoyment. This 2 hour beginner level course will provide you with basics of Standup Paddleboarding. It covers water safety, proper stance, form and paddle techniques. No matter what level of fitness, you will be paddling your very first session and feeling relaxed as you get a workout on the water. Paddle or lay out under the beautiful sunshine as you enjoy fresh air and the beautiful nature around us.


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Paddleboard Lessons


$65.00 each – 2 hours

Friday’s 9-11am, Saturday’s 4-6pm, Sunday’s 9-11am or 4-6pm

Private lessons are available, please call to schedule.

$35.00 each for 2 hours
Children ages 8- 12

If you are interested in a private lesson, that can be arranged, email or call to set up.

*Lessons provide land instruction, water instruction and playtime*

*Ability to swim is required*

*Signed Waiver is required*

**All lessons, rentals, classes and outings are subject to the approval of Mother Nature. If a lesson, rental, class or outing is called off due to weather you will be given a credit for a future lesson, rental, class or outing. This credit is good all season long.