Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons

                       Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons

Why should I take a Stand Up Paddleboard Lesson?

Like anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to Paddleboard. We eliminate all the guesswork, and share our expertise with each of our customer.  It is easy to develop bad habits without proper instruction.  Our goal is to educate each paddler with our knowledge and expertise so that you will be paddleboarding with confidence and enjoying all that paddleboarding has to offer!! 


What will I learn with a Stand Up Paddleboard Lesson?

We start with a 20 minute land instruction that will teach you the anatomy of the board and paddle, educate you on safety while out on the water, instruct you on how to hold the paddle and proper paddling technique, how to enter the water from the dock safely and how to go from kneeling to standing as well as teach you at least two different ways to efficiently turn and maneuver your board.

*Once we feel everyone understands the instructions we will then head out onto the water. While on the water we will practice the strokes and turns, fall off the boards to learn how to get back onto the board the proper way. Learn how to anticipate, react and handle choppy conditions, and how to use the wind and currents to your advantage.

*We will be out on the water paddling and playing for about 1 1/2 hours so it is required that everyone bring water, snack, sunscreen, bug spray, and a hat*

                                   *Ability to swim and Signed waiver is required*

                       Adult SUP Lesson – $75.00        Child SUP Lesson (8-12) – $35.00


                         Please check the schedule for available dates and times of lessons



**All lessons, rentals, classes and outings are subject to the approval of Mother Nature. If a lesson, rental, class or outing is called off due to weather you will be given a credit for a future lesson, rental, class or outing. This credit is good all season long**