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Beginner Paddle Fit

This class is designed for those that have not paddled before or who have some paddling experience. We start with a short lesson on paddling technique with stretching exercises on land before we head out to the water to hit the buoy course set up to challenge you as you work on your paddling techniques. Core and balance will also be challenged with some strength training exercises that can include your paddle and other props.This is not a full lesson, this beginner paddle fit class is still challenging. We paddle on the James River at Jamestown Beach and the conditions are always changing – it could be flat when we start out and turn choppy by the time we finish. This is a full body workout and takes a lot of upper body strength. 
Sunday’s 8:30-10am

Paddle Fit

this class is designed for those who are experienced in paddleboarding and want more of a challenge out on the water. We start with stretching exercises on land and head out onto the water to work on a higher level of paddling technique as well as a more challenging set of exercises on the board ( you will be in the water at times with these exercises)
Tuesday/Thursday 6:30-8pm

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Drop in class – $30.00 / 5 class pack $120.00

BYOB Drop in class – $20.00 / 5 class pack $85.00
(class packs can be used together with paddle yoga, Beginner paddle fit and Paddle Fit Bootcamp)

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 *Ability to swim is required*     *Previous paddling experience recommended*    *Signed waiver is required*

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