Charity Events

Charity Events

Join Paddle On of Williamsburg for our charity events as we go beyond Pink with Beyond Boobs! and Here For the Girls. By joining our team of volunteers at this years REV3 Triathalon July 8th and 9th, a donation for every volunteer that participates to be donated directly to Beyond Boobs! Just choose an activity from the link below and mention Beyond Boobs! as the charity/group and your shift will help them continue to improve the lives of young women affected by breast cancer on behalf of Paddle On of Williamsburg. Right up our alley, there are spots available in the water labeled “Kayaking” except we will be using our paddleboards! Or if you have your own paddleboard or kayak and would like to volunteer just follow the instructions above and join us!


Here is the link to sign up.



Revolutionary3 Triathalon Williamsburg

  Half, Olympic, Sprint and Kids


There will be one transition area located at Chickahominy Riverfront Park.  The swim will take place in the Chickahominy river.  The swim course will be reversible depending on the conditions.  Our goal will be to make it safer and more favorable for you.  Water temperatures are likely to be in the high 70’s to low 80’s.

After leaving Chickahominy Riverfront Park, athletes take a right onto Rte 5 and over the Judith Steward Dresser Memorial Bridge for a rolling ride through the rural roads of Charles City County. The terrain is enough to give athletes time out of the saddle and to keep the ride interesting but won’t overly tax your legs for the run.

The entire run is on the newly completed Virginia Capital Trail, a 52-mile dedicated multi-use, paved trail connecting Richmond and Williamsburg along the historic and beautiful Route 5 corridor. After the first mile, the tall trees on either side of the trail provide ample shade for the flat run course. The bridge at the very beginning and end will provide a challenging start and finish to the run leg. 


Rev3 loves our volunteers! Not only will you have a front row seat to a world class event, but you will have fun and also be inspired.



Are you part of a team, group, club or organization who wants to do some fundraising? Rev3’s Volunteer Donation Program allows qualifying groups to earn a donation for their volunteer efforts. If you are interested in more information please email